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Last updated on Monday 29th June, 2020

Mountain Experiences is able to offer you a range of climbing, hill-walking and mountaineering experiences. I work predominantly in Snowdonia and the Shropshire Hills and rock-climb in Shropshire and beyond, including Wales, the Peak District and beyond.

If you are new about walking in the hills, I can provide beginners or those less confident about walking in the hills and mountains with good sound competent skills to look after themselves. Giving good quality experiences and a solid introduction to good skills that you can develop into being a competent and confident hill walker. Dates are to be arranged for the autumn in the near future:

If you are thinking about taking your assessment, have you thought about having a refresher day (CWI, RCI or HML) or perhaps a 2 day course (ML)? It could mean the difference between a pass and a defer - call 07888 841792 or email me to discuss ideas! I'll also include some scenario work on these training days such as dealing with first aid in a remote location (the photo was taken before the Covid 19 shut down).

Additionally, we can offer you scrambling, rock climbing, and navigation courses from a single day to multi day courses aimed at develop your skills to become self-sufficient in enjoying days out in the hills.

first aid 4

Currently due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have suspended all our activities. As the countryside, climbing walls etc things begin to re-open, and we have confidence in the safety of running such activities, we will post here and on our Facebook page about how we will work with all our clients. We will carry out a complete risk assessment of such things as equipment cleaning, social distancing on rock climbs, and identify what other measures we need to implement to ensure your safety as well as ours.

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